SEX BREAKDOWN: All you want to know about the girls of Arizona State and Southern California

If you’re a high school senior, you’re probably looking at schools right now. I’m sure there are a lot of bullshit factors you’re thinking about: academics, athletics, reputation, location, blah blah blah. Let me tell you a little secret: None of that matters. All you should be looking for is hot girls. Our buddies at the H-Spot just finished up a survey about the sex lives of the girls at ASU and USC, and we figured we’d share it with you guys. Scope out some of the findings:

  • 6.3 out of every 10 girls at USC and 5.2 out of 10 at ASU are looking to have more sex.
  • 60% of girls at ASU are single and 42% of that number are happy and looking to fuck.
  • At ASU 1-in-7 sober girls will have sex on the first hook-up, and 48% are willing to go down the pants (whatever that means).
  • Over 50% of girls at both schools masturbate regularly, and 53% of USC girls watch porn.
  • And to cap it off, 95% of ASU girls love giving beanahs. That’s something even Darkhorse can agree with.

Let us tell you… forget the NESCAC, forget the Ivies… if you’re looking to get laid, you’re gonna want to go to one of these schools. Check out the whole survey here, and then some hot photos of ASU and USC girls .

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