Condoms, mustaches, and the facebook guy.

  • An anti-rape condom… it looks absolutely terrifying.
  • James Blake yells at Pam Shriver during his match yesterday (with video). [Brobible]
  • A giant 31 inch mustache won the US title for best mustache. [Asylum]
  • How to get laid this summer. [Maxim]
  • Wimbledon is here and so are the beautiful ladies of the WTA. [FListed]
  • Birth control conversations… [Holy Taco]
  • Trojan’s new condom make your balls feel like you rubbed icy hot on them. [Asylum]
  • Remember the guy in the corner of Facebook… it was Al Pacino. [Big Money]
  • This asian dude can beat box Mario. [Chive]

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